Tax Day and Car Accidents

Did you know that you are more likely to die in a car crash on tax day than on any other day during the year?

According to data recorded in the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (‘FARS’) – a database system that tracks motor vehicle deaths throughout the U.S. – researchers have found that there are about 13 more auto accident deaths on tax day than on any other day of the year.

It’s unclear why this is the case, but one possibility might be stress. While most people associate stress with heart attacks, it can also lead to distracted driving, which is a leading cause of auto accidents. Drivers might speed or drive recklessly trying to get their taxes filed on time, or they might be drowsy from staying up late to finish their taxes. Sleep deprivation affects a driver’s attention span, judgment, and reaction time to emergency situations, thereby increasing their likelihood of crashing.

The one thing we can’t do is avoid taxes. We can, however, take steps to minimize our chances of being involved in a motor vehicle crash:

  • Get taxes completed and filed ahead of the deadline, or file an extension
  • Wear seatbelts
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and driving
  • Avoid texting or talking on the phone while driving
  • Don’t speed or drive aggressively

If you or a loved one have been the victim of an auto accident, then call the Georgia law firm of Gautreaux for a free consultation. You may be entitled to reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.