Personal Injury in Putnam County, Georgia

Located in the lush, hilly Piedmont region of Georgia, Putnam County is home to more than 20,000 people who enjoy a relatively good economy compared to other counties throughout Georgia. The median household income in Putnam County is slightly under Georgia’s overall median household income, but its poverty rate is among the lowest in the state. Scenic Putnam County is a great place for Sunday drives, afternoon hikes, and overall enjoyment of quality living.

But that quality of life can quickly diminish when an unexpected accident occurs, and you sustain injuries. Accidents can happen on the road, in a grocery store, or at the office. Many times these kinds of unexpected accidents are the fault of another person or entity. If so, you may have a right to seek compensation. The stress of injury combined with the stress of dealing with insurance companies and the demands they make on you can be overwhelming. In these cases, you should consider legal representation by an experienced attorney who is paid only when you receive your settlement or win your lawsuit.

Attorney Jarome Gautreaux has the experience, knowledge, and compassion to assist injured parties or surviving family members with their insurance or wrongful death claims, or related lawsuits. When someone else is liable for your injuries, you owe it to yourself to get legal help, and attorney Gautreaux will help make sure you receive a settlement or damage award that is just and fair.

Causes of Personal Injuries & Liability

The causes of personal injuries in Putnam County range from falls that happen at work to auto accidents to accidental shootings. The number one cause of emergency room visits in Putnam County are falls, which made up approximately 58 percent of all ER visits from 2006 to 2010. The second cause of emergency department visits was motor vehicle crashes at 29 percent. Motor vehicle crashes in Putnam County, however, have a higher rate of fatalities than the rest of Georgia, at least between 2007 and 2011, according to the North Central Health District Health Assessment for Putnam County.

Not all of these accidents will be attributed to the fault of another person or entity, but many will. Examples of conditions that often cause injuries as a result of someone else’s fault are:

If you believe your accident was caused by another person or entity, there are specific elements that must be proved to receive compensation:

  1. Duty of Care. Did the person or entity owe you a duty of care?
  2. Breach of Duty. If there was a duty, was that duty breached in some way?
  3. Causation. Did the breach directly cause your injuries?
  4. Damages. Are the damages you sustained monetarily quantifiable?

If all four of the elements are satisfied, then the person or entity is liable for the economic and noneconomic damages related to the injuries or death.

Serious Injuries or Death From an Accident

Some injuries are worse than others. Indeed, some injuries are catastrophic and life-altering while other injuries result in death. When it’s a matter of catastrophic injuries or wrongful death, the serious damages that result must be proven to obtain the just and fair compensation you deserve, either as the injured party whose life has changed irrevocably or the surviving spouse, parent, child, or representative of the decedent.

At Gautreaux Law, we are sensitive to the concerns of injured parties, family, and friends. We try to do our part to alleviate the worries and fear associated with these kinds of matters. We are your advocate against insurance companies and other parties who do not want to pay costly damages even though they are responsible for it. These insurance companies and other related parties try to find loopholes or interpret vague terms in their favor. At Gautreaux Law, we know the law and we know how to handle insurance adjusters and insurance experts specifically, and insurance companies generally. If you have a case, then we will fight together with you for fair compensation.

Insurance Claims and Disputes in Putnam County, Georgia

At Gautreaux Law, though we handle personal injury claims that usually involve auto insurance carriers, we also handle other insurance claims and disputes. We have years of experience managing, advocating, mediating, and litigating disputes involving all sorts of insurance, including life insurancehomeowner’s insurance, or auto and truck (big rig) insurance. Our experience with insurance companies is broad and deep, which enables us to approach them with a keen understanding of what their motivations are and actions will be.

Comprehensive, Compassionate Legal Representation

If you are a victim of a personal injury or wrongful death in Putnam County, Georgia, and the injury or wrongful death is the fault of another person or entity, you may have the right to file a claim or lawsuit. Gautreaux Law can help. We pursue personal injury and wrongful death claims and lawsuits on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay only if we recover compensation for you, and even then our compensation is a fraction of the amount paid.

If you are struggling and are worried about contacting an attorney because of money, don’t be worried. The only thing you should be concerned about is your recovery. Contact Gautreaux Law at (478) 238-9758 for a free consultation today.