Personal Injury in Bibb County, Georgia

Located in the heart of Georgia, Bibb County is the 13th largest county in Georgia by population, which is approximately 155,000 people and 57,000 households. The most populated cities in Bibb County are Payne and Macon, though Macon, GA Metropolitan Statistical Area includes four other counties. According to Census Bureau, the average salary is $47,129 while the median household income is $36,519, with relatively very few salaries at or over $100,000. The top five occupations are (1) elementary and middle school teachers; (2) retail salespersons; (3) supervisors of retail sales workers; (4) secretaries and administrative assistances; and (5) cashiers. Most households have two cars. The poverty rate is 27.4 percent. The median age is 35.6 years. Bibb County is home to many relatively young, middle-class Americans who likely cannot afford the financial and emotional hardship that a personal injury can impose on them.

But personal injuries happen, and they happen in the most unexpected ways. A lot of the time, personal injuries happen due to negligence, such as someone running a stop sign that should have been seen. We all have a general duty to act reasonably prudent and with care, whether driving in a car or mopping a store front’s floor. Sometimes, that duty is breached, and accidents occur that result in personal injuries and/or death. As the injured party, you may have the right to file a claim or lawsuit.

Personal Injury: Common Causes in Bibb County, GA

There are any number of things that can cause personal injuries or wrongful death in Bibb County, Georgia, and these things can be the result of someone’s intentional, willful, reckless or accidental actions. Those things that are most often caused by the negligence are:

  1. Vehicle/Road Accidents. In Bibb County, there were 6,983 crashes in 2014, which resulted in 2,350 personal injuries and 23 fatalities.
  2. Medical Malpractice. In 2016, there were 920 medical malpractice claims made in Georgia, with 563 receiving adverse action and another 259 resulting in medical malpractice payments.
  3. Slip and Fall Cases. In Georgia, unintentional falls rank as the third leading cause of death. In Bibb County, falls are the leading cause of visits to the emergency room, with 3,274 visits by children age 1 – 19 (2007-2011), and 1,815 by adults (2006-2010).
  4. Work-Related Injuries. There were 70 fatalities and 2,800 personal injury cases reported throughout Georgia in 2013.
  5. Products Liability Claims. Nationwide, product liability claims make up 13 percent of all personal injury claims.

Elements of Personal Injury Claims in Bibb County, GA

If negligence played a role in your personal injury, and you were 0 – 49% at fault, then you may have a claim for damages for whatever percentage you were not at fault. Four elements must generally be present in order for your claim to be successful:

  1. Duty of Care. Someone had a duty of care towards you.
  2. Breach of Duty. Someone who had a duty of care towards you breached that duty.
  3. Causation. The breach of duty of care caused your injuries.
  4. Damages. The breach of duty did, in fact, cause physical and/or emotional damages.

In Georgia, if the personal injury was caused by a defective product, the plaintiff(s) can often allege both negligence and/or strict liability against the defendant(s).

Personal Injury: Damages Available in Bibb County, GA

If you have been injured or a family member has wrongfully died, then you can seek compensation to help with the damages. Damages that can be recovered are usually lumped into three categories:

  1. Economic Damages. These damages include anything that already has a price tag on it, namely: property damage repairs, medical expenses, funeral expenses, treatment and/or therapy, travel expenses, and past and future lost wages.
  2. Non-Economic Damages. These damages include other types of damages or harm, namely: pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium.
  3. Punitive Damages. These damages are sometimes limited to $250,000 and are generally only awarded in cases where the plaintiff presents clear and convincing evidence of willful, malicious, fraudulent, or wanton misconduct on the part of the defendant(s).

Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

In Bibb County, personal injuries happen in high numbers, and accompanying those numbers are high financials costs. Members of Bibb County’s community cannot afford the inherent financial and emotional toll of personal injuries or wrongful death. An experienced and resourceful lawyer can recover damages on your behalf while you recover from your injuries or loss. Contact Gautreaux Law at (478) 238-9758 for a free consultation today.