Personal Injury Attorney in Pulaski County, Georgia

Given its location in the belly of the state, it is fitting that Pulaski County, Georgia, is an agricultural county. Cattle, corn, cotton, oats, peanuts, soybeans and wheat make up the bulk of the agricultural industry. Its agricultural roots may explain its sparse population of 11,500 people calling Pulaski County home, and most of them residing in the city of Hawkinsville. In the city, the top employment industries are educational and healthcare services and manufacturing. Compared to the rest of the state, wages in Pulaski fall below the average at a household median income of $38,750. At 19.2%, the poverty rate is above the state’s average, too.

In light of this economy, if an accident happens to a person, regardless how minimal the injuries, it can lead to economic hardship and emotional stress. If you are in an accident and sustain injuries, you may have the right to seek compensation and, in some cases, punitive damages.

Attorney Jarome Gautreaux has the experience, knowledge, and compassion to assist injured parties or surviving family members with their insurance or wrongful death claims, or related lawsuits. When someone else is liable for your injuries, you owe it to yourself to get legal help, and attorney Gautreaux will help make sure you receive a settlement or damage award that is just and fair.

Causes of Personal Injuries & Legal Culpability in Pulaski County

The causes of personal injuries in Pulaski County are the same as anywhere else in Georgia with the addition of accidents that occur on farms or with farming equipment/vehicles. The causes of personal injuries that most often involve legal blame include the following:

When an accident occurs by any of the above causes, you may have a claim against another person or entity, but only if four elements are present.

  1. Duty of Care. The other party must have owed you a duty of care. For example, on the roads, all motorists owe each other a duty of care to drive safely and in accordance with the law.
  2. Breach of Duty. The established duty of care was breached in some manner. For example, a motorist was distracted by his cell phone and failed to stop in time at a red light.
  3. Causation. The breach of duty must have directly caused the injuries. For example, the motorist that failed to stop at a red light t-boned another car and the driver suffered a concussion.
  4. Damages. The injuries must have produce damages. If no injuries were sustained, or there were no medical bills incurred, then there may be no cause of action for a personal injury claim.

Injuries Sustained in an Accident in Pulaski County

If you sustained injuries in an accident in Pulaski County, then you may have the right to seek compensation. At Gautreaux Law, we handle personal injury cases. We also handle personal injury cases that are particularly devastating: catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.

Catastrophic injuries are serious and severe injuries that have a deep impact on the quality of your life, and in some cases, the impact is perpetual. To receive the compensation that is indicative of the emotional, physical and financial pain you suffer, certain determinations must be made about your injury. Eligibility requirements for catastrophic injuries can be vague, which opens the door to disputes.

Wrongful death happens when a loved one dies due to the actions of another person or company. Surviving immediate family members or others who are permitted to do so under Georgia law can file a wrongful death claim or lawsuit to recover compensation and sometimes punitive damages.

In cases of catastrophic injuries and wrongful death, Gautreaux Law has the experience, knowledge, and resources to investigate the facts, prepare the evidence and legal arguments and counter any arguments an insurance company or another party may have. Attorney Jarome Gautreaux is sensitive to the issues surrounding these matters and offers compassionate, comprehensive legal counsel and representation.

Insurance Disputes in Pulaski County, Georgia

At Gautreaux Law, we handle a number of insurance disputes. If you have already filed a claim and the insurance carrier is disputing or denying your claim, then Jarome Gautreaux can help. In addition to personal injury claims, he handles disputes with auto insurancehealth insurancelife insurance and homeowner’s insurance.

Comprehensive, Compassionate Legal Representation

If you are a victim of a personal injury in Pulaski County, Georgia, you may have the right to file a claim or lawsuit against the at-fault party(s). Gautreaux Law can help. We pursue personal injury and wrongful death claims and lawsuits on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay nothing unless we recover compensation for you, and only then do we get paid, but payment comes from the settlement or damages award.

If you are struggling and are worried about contacting an attorney because of money, don’t be worried. The only thing you should be concerned about is your recovery. Contact Gautreaux Law at (478) 238-9758 for a free consultation today.