Is Your New Car or Truck as Safe as You Think?

Don’t assume the new car you’re driving is free of safety defects. A recent study by ABC news found that over 100 dealers across 43 states were selling new automobiles with open safety recalls. Not only does this undermine the safety of the vehicle’s occupants, it’s illegal for dealers not to fix open recalls on new cars and trucks.

With the advent of airbags, anti-lock brakes, and mandatory seatbelts, people are more likely to survive a car crash than ever before. That is, as long as all the enhanced safety features work properly, and when they’re supposed to.

When a manufacturer realizes, through testing or accident results, that a safety feature isn’t working the way it was intended, they’ll usually issue a recall of affected automobiles. We think of these recalls as only affecting vehicles that have already been sold, but that’s not always the case. New cars, still on the lot, can have open recalls as well.

Imagine buying a new Chevrolet Tahoe with an open recall (all 2013-2014 Tahoes and Suburbans were recalled due to an electrical problem that can cause the cars to stall) that a manufacturer hasn’t fixed. You’re driving 70 mph on a busy highway, and suddenly your brand new Tahoe stops. There’s no need to explain what can happen with hundreds of other cars, traveling the same speed as you, trying to avoid your stalled car in the middle of the highway.

So what can you do to make sure the new car or truck you’re buying is free of safety defects and open recalls? Check for yourself. If you go to one of the following websites and type the VIN of the car or truck you’re buying, it will tell you if there’s an open recall on the specific vehicle your planning to buy. The websites are:

● (information found under the vehicle safety tab)
● (information found under the vehicle owner tab)
● MyCarFax mobile application
● The Auto Manufacturer’s website

As a consumer, and for your safety, it pays to be proactive when buying a new car or truck. Don’t assume the salesperson is being upfront with you about any safety defects or open recalls. Take just 5 minutes to look up the vehicle’s VIN to ensure that it’s free of any safety defects or open recalls.

Hundreds of people everyday are injured in auto accidents due to malfunctioning safety features. If you have been injured in an automobile accident and think that you may have a claim, then call our firm at 478-238-9758 for a free consultation.