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Intersection Accident

Car accidents that occur at intersections are usually side-impact crashes, sometimes called T-bone accidents or broadside collisions, and are some of the most serious cases we see in Georgia. They happen when one car crashes into the passenger or driver's side of another vehicle.

Side-impact crashes usually occur at intersections, with or without traffic lights, in parking lots, or when a vehicle is pulling out of a side street. Intersection accidents, which often result in severe injuries, typically happen when a driver runs a traffic light, stop sign, or disobeys some other traffic law, and crashes into the side of another vehicle. While most intersection related accidents occur in urban areas, those that occur in rural areas are often more severe, where speeds are usually higher. 

Protection in a Side-Impact Crash

Side-impact auto crashes often result in life-threatening injuries, such as head and brain injuries, broken bones, paralysis, or death. This is because, unlike the front and back of a car, where the hood and trunk area absorb much of the blow, the sides of cars don't have a lot of space to absorb an impact.

The best way to protect occupants from serious injury during a side-impact crash is to have side airbags in the front and back seats, as well as reinforced steel along the sides of automobiles. Click here to see an excellent video of the different types of side airbags and how they work. 

Who's at Fault after a Car Crash at an Intersection

Determining who's at fault in an intersection accident can sometimes be tricky, especially if anyone is injured in such a way that they can't speak or don't recall what happened. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the person who broadsided another vehicle may be at fault, or the person who got hit could be the one at fault. When determining the fault of drivers, it's important to preserve evidence, interview witnesses and possibly hire an accident reconstructionist.

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