Fyre Festival Under Fire

Fyre Festival was marketed as the luxury event of the decade. The event was intended to be a music festival spanning over two weekends on a remote island in the Bahamas. Advertisements for the festival boasted a luxury experience complete with fine dining, luscious beaches, and high-class accommodations for attendees of the festival. What the found when they arrived was something completely different.

Last month, several ticketed guests of the festival were prepared for a weekend of fun, music, and entertainment. What they encountered when they arrived on the island on which the festival was taking place was a disaster. Guests were met with wet tents, mediocre dining, and several of the artists who promised to perform pulling out. Guests of the festival were then forced to endure conditions almost exactly opposite to those described in all the advertising of the festival. In addition to this, as guests attempted to leave the island they were met with delays and frustration.

Eight Lawsuits Filed Against Fyre Festival

Now, the parties that worked together to organized the now infamous festival, are under fire from not just one, but several lawsuits for the treatment of the guests at the festival and the overall failure of the event. In total, the organizers, marketers, and sponsors of Fyre Festival are facing eight lawsuitsaltogether, as of this writing, from several different parties, and over a number of different reasons.

The lawsuits allege that the festival’s organizers made false representations, breached their contracts, and thus cost the attendees a great deal of money. Some of the lawsuits seek class-action status as well, which may cause the number of people involved to swell into the hundreds or thousands.

With such a large amount of lawsuits and people involved, it is possible that the courts may decide to combine them into one mass action, rather than several, however, this may take a considerable amount of time, due the vast number of individuals affected, and multiple types of claims.